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New Spider Smasher Game!
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Nov 3, 2022
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New Spider Smasher Game!

Spider Smasher is the entertaining game available on Google Play. Before playing the game, get yourself to be ready and make sure your index finger is ready to smash the Arachnid army. This not just your normal house ants, they are genetically modified Spider as they getting bigger and bigger and harder to smash. Protect your Home before they out smart you.

Spiders Smasher offers fun in a simple game. Simply crush the spiders with your finger, but beware of the Spider Queen. Slice over 2 or more bugs to get more points and bombs.
Use the bombs to kill all the spiders. Just touch the spiders and relax! Ideal for bathroom, expect the bus, the unemployment line. One type Arcade game, exciting, easy and you have to play to relieve stress.

Smash spiders with finger in this simple game!

How to Play Spider Smasher:
– Simply smash or squash the bugs using your unlimited smashing stamina .
– Don’t let the ants penetrate into your house.
– Use the given 5 Doors as life wisely throughout the game.

Game Features of Spider Smasher:
– Intensity get higher with time.
– Different type, sizes and toughness of Spiders will emerge.
– Visually stunning graphics & immersive CD quality audio
– Intuitive touch screen controls that are easy to pick up and play
– Intense Spiders-stomping action game play fit for subway time
– spiders are realistic and quite disgusting!
– Spiders eat your ants , squash them!
– Several types of spider to crush
– The Spider Queen is dangerous – not touch because they will attack and remove lives!
– A fun app to pass the time.

Spider Smasher is one of the entertaining game for all. Before playing the game, make sure your finger is ready to smash the spider before they bite your hand.

This game is very easy, just simply smash spider using your finger. Don’t let the spiders penetrate into your defense. Show off your spider-smashing prowess by earning as much points as you can! Your achievements will wow your friends!