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"Good Slice" has been upgraded and is now available!
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Oct 23, 2022
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“Good Slice” has been upgraded and is now available!

Cut the fruit well and put it in a blender!
Make a lot of juice and aim for clearing with 3 stars!
Sounds easy? Is it unexpectedly deep? !!

▼ Let’s cut the fruit
Swipe the screen and shake the knife to cut the fruit.
Let’s cut the fruit into small pieces!

▼ Let’s drop the cut fruit in a blender
Let’s cut at the right angle and timing so that the fruit falls in the mixer!
Dropping it out of the mixer will reduce the amount of juice you make.

▼ You can cut the number of times decided at the start of the stage
Fruits can be cut as many times as indicated on the green plate at the top left of the screen.
Cut all the fruits within the set number of times and drop them down!

■ Recommended for people like this!
・ I want to play easily and quickly
・ Seeking a feeling of exhilaration
・ I’m looking for hyper casual
・ I’m looking for an easy-to-use game
・ I’m looking for an exhilarating casual game
・ People who want to relieve stress
・ People who want to kill time
・ People who want to cut fruits
・ People who like fresh juice


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