Lanota – Music game with story MOD APK 2.16.1 (Unlimited Hacks)

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Lanota – Music game with story Mod Apk Unlimited MoneyHacks Download

Lanota – Music game with story MOD APK (Unlimited money) Download Game Info.

APK  MOD Name Lanota – Music game with story


PlayStore ID com.Noxygames.Lanota

Lanota - Music game with story 1

Lanota – Music game with story MOD APK Description: Play the tunes and follow the rhythm, explore and revive the world. Unlock music of various genres, conquer specially designed boss-stages, and indulge in an artistic picture book!


2016 1st IMGA SEA “Excellence in Audio”
2017 Taipei Game Show Indie Game Award “Best Audio”
2017 13th IMGA Global Nominee
2017 Indie Prize Award in Casual Connect Asia “Best Mobile Game” Nominee


>> Innovative and Dynamic Rhythm Game

Not the rhythm game you used to know: we add unique animation to the plate you’ll be playing on. Dozens of fantastic music tracks and amazing boss-stage features, different charts and challenges; gentle or intense, beginners, advanced players and experts can all have their game!

>> Artistic and Refreshing Picture Book

“I trust that you, the one blessed by the gods of melody, can surely revive the former world order.”
“Tune” the chaotic energy back to harmony, and the world will gradually reveal. Explore places on the map, read a beautifully handcrafted picture book, and collect items on the way as souvenir!

** To share the result screen, Lanota needs your permission to access Photos/Media/Files. We won’t read your existing photos or files in the process.

>> Unlock Full Function and More Contents

The free-download version is a trial version.
Get full version (available as in-app purchase) to:
– Remove the progress limit to Main Story
– Skip the waiting time between tracks & go ad-free
– Unlock “retry” function
– Enjoy free trial for first track in each in-app purchase chapter

Full version and in-app purchase chapters are all one-time purchase items. If any problem occurred to your purchased items, please contact us.


Official site
Ver. 2.8.0 update:
1) Secret Library Selection Vol. 2 “Machinery Land” is now available! 10 tracks including “The Last Page / ARForest” “My Control / RiraN” and “lovely, lovely minute / linear ring” from Ritmo’s Secret Library are in this chapter.
2) Updated the introduction for Tracklist Mode. Also, you will return to Tracklist Mode (instead of map) if you left your latest session from Tracklist Mode.
3) From this version, cloud save is set to upload all data automatically.