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The definitive fishing game!
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Oct 23, 2022
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The definitive fishing game!
A simple, easy and free popular fishing game!
Deserted Island!

▼ Easy fishing ▼
Simple controls make it easy for anyone to enjoy fishing!
Easy-to-operate fishing game that even woman can enjoy with confidence!
You can play fishing games with your kids!

▼ Offline and safe ▼
This fishing game is a one-person-only game played offline, so even woman can play safely.

Level up your fishing tackle!
Level up your fishing tackle to catch the big fish!
You can also change the fishing bait depending on the target fish!

▼Summary of the story▼
Caught in a storm, he narrowly escapes with his life and arrives on a cat island where there are only “cats”.
I caught a fish for a hungry cat, and that’s how I ended up working as a fisherman!
I ended up working as a fisherman!
Enjoy a leisurely fishing life on a deserted island populated only by cats!

▼Building a village▼
Catch enough fish and your fellow cats will keep coming back to the island!
Let’s catch lots of fish and make our village bigger!
It’s a fishing game, but it’s not just about fishing!

▼Various fish▼
More than 30 kinds of fish appear!
Popular black bass fishing (bass fishing) and nushi fishing
You can also try your hand at goldfish scooping and killifish fishing.
You can even catch tuna and marlin!
Each one has its own mission, so let’s catch our target fish!

▼Various fishing spots▼
There are a total of 10 different fishing spots on deserted island!
Each of them has a different type of fish living there, so you can enjoy fishing at different fishing spots to catch the fish you want!

▼Material Use
We used background music from the following sites for this application.
Amacha Music Studio (