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Constellation Eleven – space RPG shooter Mod Apk Unlimited MoneyHacks Download

Constellation Eleven – space RPG shooter MOD APK (Unlimited money) Download Game Info.

APK  MOD Name Constellation Eleven – space RPG shooter

APK MOD Role Playing

PlayStore ID com.Cosmobionics.ConstellationEleven

Constellation Eleven - space RPG shooter 1

Constellation Eleven – space RPG shooter MOD APK Description: ▶Space arcade shooter
Get in your battleship and rule the space in top down shooter! Be prepared to fight with a lot of enemies!

▶Old school atmosphere
A fresh look at the old good arcade games of‘90s. You will play as a pilot of a battle spaceship in the open world space filled with dangerous enemies. The game has enjoyable pixel graphics.

▶Character development
Choose your pilot and improve his skills. Search for resources and minerals to unlock new skills, trading and level up.

▶Procedural generation space
Endless space endless space full of asteroids, abandoned space stations and satellites. Fight. Trade. Evolve.

▶A lot of loot and customization items
Find and equip weapons and armor with random characteristics. Choose your own style and follow it.

This arcade shooter has a classic game mechanics, nice and interesting gameplay, nice graphics and comfortable control. During the game you will face a lot of trials and battles with small ships and heavy cruisers. The level of enemies will grow with each jump into other system.
The project is in early access. In the game you fill find RPG & roguelike mechanics, nice pixel art graphics and atmospheric soundtrack in space ambient style. The project was inspired by the hack & slash genre and video games such as reassembly, starbound, space rangers and stellaris.

Constellation Eleven is absolutely free game in russian and english languages. NO ADVERTISING!

Side quests, space stations, trials, new merchant and currency have been added in the latest updates.
Added faction ships.
Merchants now attack your enemies.
New character editor and new merchant!
All flagships have been redesigned, new types of attacks have been added.
New music, many small changes, bug fixes and more.

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