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Jan 11, 2023
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[Game Intro]
Auto Chess is a strategy game released worldwide, combining entertaining gameplay with competitive tactics. Fighting in an 8-way match ignites the brink of battle. Interracial chess pieces with different classes are all affiliated with exclusive lineups. Ration your golds and items sensibly, ponder on the features of various formations, activate powerful synergies, and pit your strategy skills against other players to set you apart in the ever-changing arena and get a hole in one!

-Innovative Gameplay
By collecting/changing Hero cards, and arranging different formations, 8 chess gamers will be contending for the first prize in the following tens of minutes. Millions of players are challenging each other every day, and it has become one of the most popular leisure gameplays nowadays.

-Strategy Rules the World
Players will randomly get their Heroes in the Sharing Cardpool, and form special formations according to their unique strategies. Evolution, combination, jockey for position, etc. enable you to practice your strategies to the greatest extent. Who will be adaptable to the changing tide and survive till the end?
-Fair Play
Make a real fair-play game! The World e-Sports Games are created by Dragonest Co.Ltd., Drodo, and lmbaTV.

-Global Server
No matter where you come from, welcome to our world and challenge players from all over the world!

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[Piece Returned]
Ghost Kid
Race:Soul Clan
Class: Warrior
Quality: Rare
Chew Chew
Anna throws the Big Head to the farthest enemy, dragging the target back to her and dealing 200/300/500 Physical Damage. If the target is dragged to be within 1 grids around Anna, deals a total of 150/300/600 Magical Damage over 3 times, and stuns the target for 4.5 seconds.